Perfect Life: High School Dress uP

'Perfect Life: High School Dress Up' is a prototype flash game that demonstrates features from a larger-scale game idea; 'Perfect Life: High School Fantasy'.

In a study performed in 'Women and games: technologies of the gendered self' (Royse et. al. 2007) it was found that that many women enjoy gaming
because it offers a distraction from everyday life, or because they enjoyed the sense of control they had over everything in their virtual environment. 

It is ironic then that women would use dress-up games to escape aspects of their life which they feel they lack control over, as it is highly likely that the
culture industry — video games included — have contributed to this sense of loss of control, especially in terms of body image dissatisfaction due to
the perpetuated notion that maintaining a high standard of beauty is the most important aspect of femininity.

'Perfect Life: High School Fantasy' does not condemn the 'girl-game' genre, but subverts it to spread awareness of the issues many games face in their
expression of what it is to be a female in this media culture driven society.

Art, design and programming by Charlotte Lim
Featuring royalty-free music "Carefree" by Kevin MacLeod from
"Sad Day" and "Ukulele" by Benjamin Tissot from
"Hatoful Boyfriend Wallpaper" by Blargmarffins used with permission from artist
"Sailor Moon Vector" by neko-melody from DeviantArt used with permission from artist


Screenshot from game

Demonstration of customiseable hair colours available in-game


*requires flash